Meetings scheduled on Atwater House Demolition
Demo Scenario Launched on O'Flanagan House at 171 Niagara. Acquest wants Parking Ramp

What can you do to help save the Atwater House?

Here a couple of things you can do to help save the Atwater House and the character of Elmwood Avenue.

1) Boycott Pano's Restaurant until the house is saved. We don't have to feed Mr. Georgiadis's greed and disrespect for his neighbors.

2) Sign the paper petition or the on-line petition ( Paper petitions are available in the mailbaox of The Campiagn at 224 1/2 Elmwood Ave.

3) The Campaign would like to print lawn signs urging that the Atwater House be saved. A minimal order would cost $400. Can you make a donation to help? We have already spent hundreds of dollars on paper, printing, and postage. We'll do whatever we can to save this house, and donations certainly help us accomplish things we could not otherwise hope for.

4) We need stories and pictures of the house.

5) We need someone to do research in City Hall and the Central Library. We need to know the facts of Pano's acquisition of his present property and the demolition of the house that formerly held Avenue Skates. Was it, in fact, an illegal demo? We need copies of regulations governing construction and design of parking lots. Can anyone volunteer some time to help on this urgent research?


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