Charlie Baker Block saved, for now
YWCA, modern rarity, for sale

Heathens demolish artel, 1970’s icon

ArtPark State Park demolished Hardy, Holzman, Pfeiffer’s iconographic ArtEl in April. No public hearings were held. There was nary a peep from Niagara Falls area residents, and the Buffalo News editorial page saluted the demo, saying it would return Artpark to its former glory.

Its glory was in large measure embodied in the ArtEl, where Nelson Rockefeller and Sam Aldrich’s vision for a place where citizens could see artists in the process of creation was conceived to rescue State Senator Earl Brydge’s performing arts theater from being stillborn flop. The architects developed a structure and a landscape plan that was a breathtaking break from the reigning orthodoxy. The country took notice.

ArtPark is an embarrassing shell of its former self, resorting to free concerts of dino-rockers and country crockers to jack up attendance figures. For essays and photographs, see earlier posts. Read them and weep.