Rally for Prospect Hill, Part II
More Grain Elevator Tours Added!

CALL to Action- Save the Historic Busti Row!

Monday evening's Prospect Hill info session at the Armory Restaurant was a success, with a packed house, and Campaign for Greater Buffalo Executive Director Tim Tielman at his best. He shared new and disturbing information about the Public Bridge Authority's secretive plans for plaza expansion. Not only do they wish to demolish the City-landmarked Thornton Memorial Hall at the Episcopal Church Home, but they will encircle the 1895 Hutchinson Chapel with concrete ramps to and from the new "Tax Evasion Mega-Mart" that they will build on the site, encroaching ever further into Buffalo's only historic waterfront neighborhood. The possibility of a Duty-Free gas station was raised in one of the PBA's early plans (when a second bridge span was still on the table), and could become a reality in their enlarged plaza desires, crossing Busti Avenue. 

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Local artist Mickey Harmon has created an illustration that shows the extent of the destruction, Simpsons-style. The historic row of homes on Busti Ave would be demolished JUST TO CREATE AN ENTRANCE RAMP to the Duty-Free and the bridge. 

Finally, despite PBA promises to remain under a temporary restraining order until court papers are turned in in August, they have allowed their demolition contractors, Mark Cerrone Inc (out of Niagara Falls) to do structural damage to the properties in the name of "asbestos abatement". In fact, we just learned that the porch of 791 Busti, the historic Abbey Janet Seymour house, has collapsed due to workers cutting off a supporting beam under the porch. This is UNACCEPTABLE and must stop. 
791 Busti_2

CALL TO ACTION: Tim Tielman encouraged "all concerned with saving Buffalo from yet another misguided project to get a lawn sign, donate, join the Campaign for Greater Buffalo, and write letters to the Mayor, Artvoice and the Buffalo News." We need a street team, comprised of anyone willing to drive by the Busti Row and take photos on a daily basis. We must keep an eye on the demolition crew there, and ensure that if they are indeed performing asbestos abatement, they must follow the law and put up signs, protect their workers, etc. We need office support to cover phones as we get increased public interest, in-kind donations of printing! We need forensic accountants and issue researchers! We need you to help spread the word by talking to your neighbors, inviting others to our Facebook page, and forwarding emails! 


Artvoice[email protected]

Buffalo News:

Write to Everybody's Column, The Buffalo News, One News Plaza, P.O. Box 100, Buffalo, NY, 14240, or fax to 716-856-5150. You may also send an email to [email protected].

Mayor Byron Brown: [email protected] or

201 City Hall, Buffalo, NY 14202

The Campaign for Greater Buffalo 
 Become a member or make a special donation- call Dana with your credit card number at 854-3749 between 10am-2pm, or mail a check to 14 Lafayette Square, Suite 1425, Buffalo NY 14217!