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American Dreams: Houses of E.B Green, to be seen, on this Friday's tour!

E.B. Green(1855-1950) is Buffalo's most distinguished hometown architect. Of his "small" houses (to distinguish them from his truly intimidating mansions on Delaware Avenue). Fine structures of wood, brick, and stone, they are tucked away on sidestreets, radiating charm and poise in relative anonymity. Until now. Join us as we hunt down the houses and tell the tales of the people who lived there.

Tour Poster EB Green & Co

History of Buffalo's mansions and those who lived in them out in the open!

Tour Poster This Old Mansion

The lifestyles of the rich and infamous unfold on this fascinating tour of the mansions of Buffalo's titans. Learn of their feats and foibles and evolving taste in conspicuous architectural consumption. Massive Italianate, Second Empire, Victorian Gothic, Queen Anne, and Shingle-Style houses were a kind of urban Downton Abbey. All was not decourous, however: Mabel Dodge Luhan, who, after trailblazing and swath-cutting life on two continents, wrote a famous memoir tha dished the dirt on her youthful Buffalo neighbors.