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How you can make your voice heard to stop a DOT disaster and launch a new era in public transportation and urban development in Buffalo

Train Station flyer 1

Please make the time to attend the Campaign's important meeting on Canal District development and DOT's April 16 proposal to spend $25,000,000 for a two-bit train station in exactly the same place as the old, failed, Amtrak station. And they did it without an environmental review, sidestepping the public meeting process and any discussion of alternatives. Thereby jeopardizing the successful rebirth of the Canal District, which we preservationists have been fighting for for 25 years, and cementing for the next hundred years the untold harm to our public transportation system and the people who would use it
The Buffalo News, agrees with us that the train station proposal is deeply flawed and insensitive to Buffalo's needs. Check out their editorial:

I've attached a flyer for the event, as well as some fact sheets that highlight our alternative proposal for an Intermodal hub, including a train station facing Washington Street. 
Please feel free to share with anyone that is concerned with preservation, downtown development, public transit, stopping sprawl, and open public decision-making processes. 
Check out and "like" The Campaign for Greater Buffalo's Facebook page, too.
Lastly, if you can't make the meeting, you can still make a difference. Write a letter (most effective!), email, or call the elected officials below, urging them to stop the DOT plan and support a true Intermodal hub on Washington Street
The absolutely best thing you can do is to write a similar letter to The Buffalo News. 100's of thousands of people will read it, from Buffalo to Albany!
Governor Cuomo is the ultimate decider who must save us from this fiasco. But he won't do it unless he hears from us! Write him and copy everyone else on this list. Local Senate and Assembly districts split the project site right down the middle, so a lot of elected officials will be interested to hear from you!
The Buffalo News Letter-to Editor prefers email:
Governor: Hon. Andrew M. Cuomo
NYS State Capitol Building • Albany, NY 12224
U.S. Congress: Hon. Brian Higgins
726 Exchange Street, Suite 601 • Buffalo, NY 14210
NY Assembly (149): Hon. Sean Ryan
936 Delaware Avenue • Buffalo, NY 14209
NY Assembly (141): Hon. Crystal People-Stokes
425 Michigan Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14203
Ph: 716-897-9714
NY Senate (63rd District): Hon. Timothy M. Kennedy
2239 South Park Ave.• Buffalo, NY 14220
NY Senate (60th District): Hon. Chris Jacobs
65 Court Street, Rm 213
Buffalo, NY 14202
Ph: 716-854-8705
Mayor: Hon. Byron Brown
201 City Hall • Buffalo, NY 14202
Canal District Hub
View from Platform 1

Campaign for Greater Buffalo to host "A New Nexus for Buffalo: Intermodal Transport for the 21st Century

The Campaign for Greater Buffalo is holding a public meeting to call attention to the problems of an isolated new downtown Buffalo train station and lack of public process. "A New Nexus for Buffalo," will take place at 1:00pm Saturday, May 12, 2018 at the Pizza Plant restaurant, 125 Main Street, Buffalo.
Tim Tielman, Exceutive Director of The Campaign and Principal of urban consultants Place Advantage, will review D.O.T.'s controversial proposed project—a single-mode station under the Thruway, the same place as the current station—and offer an intermodal alternative sited on Washington Street, facing Main Street with interconnections to all other modes of travel, as well as hotels, restaurants, and the Canal District.
The program begin will reprise the 200 years of transportation development in the neighborhood, and analyze the potential of an Amtrak station as part of a new public multimodal transit hub stretching from Main to Washington Street. After the slide presentation, Tielman will lead a walking tour of neighborhood, discussing the history of the site and its future potential.
Participants will be asked to fill out comment cards to be forwarded to DOT and Governor Andrew Cuomo.
Train Station meeting 1