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Electric Scooters: Urban boost or danger?

Electric scooters: Urban boost or danger? Dedicated preservationists and urbanists are big supporters of mass mobility as a way to preserve and enhance pre-automobile neighborhoods and build vibrant new ones. Car-dependency can't do it. So, I was excited to follow the development of electric scooters and scooter-sharing systems. So excited, I shelled out $500 for my own scooter, made by the same company which supplies Bird. Big mistake. Find out why in the video.

City wants to take parkland for fieldhouse. Time to rehab Buffalo's oldest armory instead.

The Buffalo Public Schools, in collaboration with the City of Buffalo, are looking for a field house. Cannon Design has been hired to develop proposals. A public input session was held on December 11.

That's when it got complicated. Read about The Campaign for Greater Buffalo's response to building on parkland, and ignoring transit-oriented development, community revitalization, and historic preservation. Download Greater Buffalo #26.3Armory med-res

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