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Road Train cover 2 Road Train head 1The Campaign for Greater Buffalo History, Architecture & Culture is sponsoring a series of design studios this fall and next spring with Cornell University and the University of Buffalo

Two studios, one at Cornell and one at UB, are researching a concept of The Campaign for an intercity public transit system utilizing high-speed articulated vehicles in the median of the Thruway at average speeds above 100mph. The UB studio, led by professor Jeffrey Rehler and consisting of Environmental Design and Architecture students, will evaluate mobility systems and explore the design of the new road bed, stations, and the station areas. 

The Cornell studio, led by professor Sirietta Simoncini and consisting of Masters students in Systems Engineering, as well as City and Regional Planning students, will utilize  a process of "systems design thinking" to investigate how such a sustainable mobility system could be set up, implemented, and operate. 

The studios  are under the auspices of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning at UB and the College of Engineering at Cornell. 

"We are excited to be sponsoring studios that address urgent needs in Buffalo and Upstate cities as a whole," said Tim Tielman, Executive Director of the Campaign for Greater Buffalo.

"The Road Train studios spring from the observation that the railroad era gave us cities with very strong centering effects," continued Tielman. "After 60 years, it is evident that frequent, fast public intercity train service, like that available to downstate residents, is not in the cards for upstate, and it is time to explore whether center cities can be revitalized, and citizens helped, by a transit system that duplicates the success of trains but at much less time and money."

Download Greater Buffalo #28.1 Road Train


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