Saved at the Bell: How an Illegal Demolition was Stopped, a Buffalo Landmark Saved, and What Remains to be Done
Cloudwalk: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle the Skyway. It's good for Canal District, Cobblestone District, and DL&W

Saving Buffalo Central Terminal, Serving Neighborhood Starts With the Land.

The Central Terminal Restoration Corporation, working with a $5,000,000 state grant and a report by the Urban Land Institute, has been working on urgent building-envelope and utility needs, as well as developing long- and short-term strategies for its property, which includes the iconic office tower, concourse, and a five-story baggage wing, in addition to the elevated plaza that forms the terminus of Paderewski Street and open land between Memorial Drive and  Curtiss Street. It has spent much of the year on public outreach and discussion of community priorities.

The Campaign for Greater Buffalo  has long felt that the entire historic complex, including land and buildings owned by the City of Buffalo, should be consolidated. It is the only way to proceed in a sustainable, comprehensive way. (Executive Director Tim Tielman was a founder of the Restoration Corporation and part-owner of the Terminal) The concept that The Campaign has shared with the Restoration Corp. and state officials is briefly laid out in the two pages attached below.

The concept implies treating the consolidated site as a kind of fairgrounds, with a mix of permanent buildings and designated areas for temporary ones, whether for one weekend, a season, or several years. The backdrop will always be the terminal tower, a branding device and symbol that is without equal, and would confer value and advantage to every enterprise in its domain.


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