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From Trash to Treasure: Our Proposal for the Broadway Auditorium

2.A - Armory Place V.6 - MKT [12.2.16]Once again, the city of Buffalo has called for Requests For Proposals from developers for the Broadway Auditorium (nee Armory, nee Arsenal, nee Batavia Market), for 75 years ingloriously used to store garbage trucks, salt mounds, and dump trucks. Rather than turn the site over to a private developer and face an uncertain future ("Dang, we thought we could save the building, but it is worse than we thought! We're going to have to demolish it and use the whole 4 acres for our new-build project!"), the site should restored and remediated for public use and operated by a non-profit set up for the purpose.

The Campaign's illustrated Armory Place proposal has the details and historic photos and an outline of the site's history.

Download our Armory Place concept here and read all about it!

Bway Aud auto show