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April 2021

2021 Buffalo Revival Series in the works while Open-Air Bus takes breather.

2003 Revival card
From the archives: The lineup for the 2003 Architectural Revival Buffalo. LaearnAboutBuffalo and The Campaign for Greater Buffalo are reviving the series for 2021

LearnAboutBuffalo will be pitching its tent in strategic historic spots during the summer of 2021. This is to replace its programming aboard the Open-Air Autobus, which won't be available for tours this year due to COVID-19. LearnAboutBuffalo is the education and research program of The Campaign for Greater Buffalo History, Architecture & Culture.

This is a revival of a revival. The Campaign sponsored the lively and informative Architectural Revival Buffalo series in a giant tent on Bidwell Parkway in the early 2000's. Noted speakers included urban designer and author Jan Gehl, developer Dan Camp of the Cotton District in Starkville, MS., and author of the classic Democratic Architecture, Donald McDonald. The inspiration was the revival tents that spring up on the East Side during the summer.

The line-up and schedule is in the planning stages. Check in here for updates.